Fridge Favorites

Fridge Favorites

Create your own meal plans by adding your favorite dishes, or be inspired by other mealplans. That's hassle-free meal planning!

What is Fridge Favorites?

Do you spend too much time planning your meals? Most often we spend more time planning and organizing our meals, than we do when we eat our meals. Let’s enjoy the food and the planning instead! Fridge Favorites is a brand new free social network that let you share and plan your weekly meals in an easier way. It also inspires you and let you see what others are eating this week! Use Fridge Favorites now and start inviting your friends!

How to use Fridge Favorites?

Use your smartphone device and go to this page to create an account. There will be many great features all ready for you, and great recipes to discover! As long as we know what groceries you like - then we can start finding your favorites recipes for you!

All your favorite recipes in one place

know the feeling of spending too much time going through your cook books to find the perfect recipe, or searching for grandmas good old recipe stored in your bookshelf somewhere? Not anymore! Every recipe in Fridge Favorites each has their own detail page, where you can create and collect your recipes and share them with others if you want to. You can also share some and save others, it’s all up to you!

Collaborative filtering.

Collaborative filtering is a way to show you new recipes, by analyzing data from your previous activities or from other users, and their favorite favorites. By using filtering you get the best and most relevant content, and get to discover new delicious recipes!