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Hassle-free meal planning!

Create your own meal plans by adding your favorite dishes, or be inspired by other mealplans.
Plan your weekly meals with your favorite recipes and save loads of time! Simple & efficient!

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Fridgefavorites is the simplest way to keep your grocery lists instantly synchronized on all the smartphones in your household

A wide range of options!

Recipes at your fingertips, searchable by ingredient, meal type, or by using the search bar.

Bon appetite!

We will give you great ways of streamlining the process and ensuring that you don’t forget anything along the way.

planning meals

Do you spend too much time planning your meals?

Most often we spend more time planning and organizing our meals, than we do when we eat our meals - Let’s enjoy the food and the planning instead!

Fridge Favorites is a brand new free social network that let you share and plan your weekly meals in an easier way. It also inspires you and let you see what others are eating this week! Use Fridge Favorites now and start inviting your friends!

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Use your smartphone device and go to this page to create an account. There will be many great features all ready for you, and great recipes to discover! Start finding your favorites recipes!

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Ready for you


We've got a lot of amaing and cool features.

All your favorite recipes in one place

Know the feeling of spending too much time going through your cook books to find the perfect recipe, or searching for grandmas good old recipe stored in your bookshelf somewhere? Not anymore!

What's for dinner?

No more wasting time planning this weeks meal plan! Put together your meal plan by adding your favorite recipes on the days you want to. Then go shopping!

Create your grocery list fast and easy!

Create as many grocery lists as you want to. Your grocery list adapts to the number of people you’re having for dinner. Easy, fast and simple!

Collaborative filtering

Collaborative filtering is a way to show you new recipes, by analyzing data from your previous activities or from other users, and their favorite favorites. By using filtering you get the best and most relevant content, and get to discover new delicious recipes!



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More Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more

Made with Love

We are working hard to make this app the most helpful, well-designed and easy to use, for your shopping trip simpler

True sharing

In our opinion, true sharing means you can share lists with other user accounts, that you can control which lists are shared, and that you can also remove people from your list if needed. Basically, you have full control over what gets shared from within the app

Grocery-specific design

Rather than wading through a torrent of recipes to find that one golden nugget, we help you discover recipes that you might find interesting and shows you a selection of recipes as "favorites" (another way of saying "like").

Keep Track

We are keeping an track on what’s going on in your fridge means you always know what food you have, what’s about to expire, and even if you need more restore soon - This is a game-changer!


Every recipe in Fridge Favorites each has their own detail page, where you can create and collect your recipes, set yours meal plan and share them with others if you want to. You can also share some and save others, it’s all up to you!

Data Report

We give you a intelligent grocery list feature, enabling you to automatically combine items and sort them by aisle. There’s a pantry feature too, to ensure you can keep track of what you have and what you need. Meal planning is an effective way to keep your grocery shopping down.

Basic list export

The ability to print inventory item with QR barcodes - Then use these for quick update of your shopping list


These settings allow We to automatically fill in any items from a list of in-house grocery items, your favorites list, or your recently added list.

Automatic Updates

We are always updated and current within the newest standards. You can safe rely on the app for hassle-free due to a lack of updates or bug fixes.